001 Handmade PM 2.5 protective mask + filters(2) - Grover

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Our handmade reusable protective masks are made of a highly breathable cloth material and can be washed multiple times. The filters fit inside the mask via a pocket and do not decrease breathability. The straps ensure they can be adjusted for different faces. 

This is the perfect protection for the current COVID-19/corona virus global pandemic and areas of the world where pollution is higher than normal.

Color, Material, and Fit

Made of navy blue and white breathable cloth and featuring adjustable straps. Recommended for adults and teenagers 13 and up.

The Design

The mask features a Kaws Sesame Street iron-on patch of Grover on the right next to a TBD tag. An extra breathable nozzle can be found on the left. Made of lasting materials, this design can be hand washed. 


Some styles/designs are more limited than others. Please keep in mind these are handmade and as such, supplies are limited. 

Care Instructions

Spot clean inside and outside of the mask. Wash inside of mask by hand, change filters every 3-4 days, at the longest 1 week if you are in an environment with minimum exposure to the virus and you wear that mask for less than 1-3 hours per day. If you are in direct contact with people that have the virus we recommend changing the filters every 2 days and increasing the frequency of when you wash the mask. Never put the mask in a washing machine or dryer. Like never...